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Single Session (60 min.) €40,00 Book
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What are the benefits of a 30' Personal Training/Personal Pilates and 30' Massage session?

This is a perfect solution for busy people who do not have time to train and massage on separate days.

If you feel that 30 minutes of exercise is enough for you and you are experiencing some muscle discomfort, pain and tension, this is definitely the right option for you.

The main benefits of 'Simply Healthy 30' Personal Training / Personal Pilates and 30 min massage session are:

  • Ideal option to save time and reach your goal faster in just one hour instead of two hours.
  • Save 20 Euros on each session.
  • Recover faster with a post-workout massage.
  • Feel better, more relaxed afterwards.
  • Relive the pians, treat some conditions.

How does a post-exercise massage help?

A post-exercise massage helps by flushing out waste products and stimulating the body's healing process.

A post-exercise massage helps by removing waste products and toxins from the muscles. Regular exercise can cause soreness and fatigue in the muscles due to a build-up of waste products. Lactic acid is produced in the muscles during exercise and contributes to delayed onset muscle soreness. Delayed onset soreness is the result of microscopic tears in muscle fibres. Tearing can be associated with inflammation in the muscle, causing pain. Post-exercise massage can help reduce and prevent the effects of delayed onset soreness.

Post-exercise massage also helps by increasing blood flow to the muscles and helping to repair any damaged tissue. Fresh blood flow to the muscles after exercise is important to carry nutrients to the tissues so that they can be repaired quickly. Exercise can often be stressful and have psychological effects on the body. Regular post-exercise massage can reduce depression, improve mood, reduce anxiety and motivate the body to return to an exercise programme.